Jabari anderson, E.T.

Treating K-Adult individuals with learning difficulties through gold standard intervention strategies, cognitive training, and educational therapies

Treating K-Adult individuals with learning difficulties through gold standard intervention strategies, cognitive training, and educational therapies


  • Master's Candidate in Educational Therapy, Holy Names University

  • Lindamood-Bell Trained

  • Orton-Gillingham Trained

  • Trained in U.K and Internationally-Recognized Modalities to Treat Math Disabilities, K-12

  • Gifted and Talented Education Certified

  • Fully Credentialed Bilingual Teacher, CA

  • Twenty Years of Award-Winning Teaching

  • Ten Years of Private Intervention, K-12

  • Licensed to Support Anxiety Management, Institute of HeartMath®

  • Stanford Graduate, B.A. in Linguistics with Honors

  • Worked at Bentley School as a Learning Specialist

I look forward to meeting you!

I look forward to meeting you!


Struggling Clients, K-Adult, with Challenges in Literacy, Math, EXecutive Function, ADHD (Inattentive Type) and Anxiety

  • Struggling Readers/Spellers/Writers/Dyslexics who:

    • have difficulty decoding words, especially long ones

    • avoid reading, or read less willingly and fluently than you would expect

    • read and reread written material with little comprehension

    • have spelling that is particularly weak, inconsistent or extremely unconventional/illogical

    • exhibit greater listening comprehension after a read-aloud than post-independent reading

    • have difficulty with letter/number formation

    • have memory weakness, problems processing visual and auditory information, low fluency and vocabulary

  • Struggling Math Students

    • numeracy challenges: counting, money and telling time issues, sequences, patterns, math visualizing, mental math of the four operations, fractions and decimals (math difficulties/dyscalculia)

    • conceptual and reasoning/word problem procedure issues

    • algebra and higher-order math difficulties

    • math anxiety

  • Students with Difficulties in Cognitive-Perceptual-Motor Skills, Executive Function, Brain Fitness

    • improving the brain's underlying skills, which are the foundation of all learning (cognitive-perceptual-motor skills)

    • processing speed, information retrieval, and long-term memory (brain fitness)

    • study skills, planning, note taking, goal setting, working memory and organization (executive function)

        • BEnefits of Coaching

          • neuro-diverse readers’ and math students’ brain structures become rewired (i.e. normalized) to similar functionality of their neuro-typical peers

          • Improved reading accuracy, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, as well as spelling

          • Betterment of foundational math abilities

          • Boosting in verbal and non-verbal reasoning

          • Cognitive boosts resulting in cognitive, perceptual and motor skills, better memory, executive function, phonemic awareness and attention

          • Reduction in anxiety and general stress

          • Honed organizational skills

          • Better self-esteem and confidence

          • Coaching During the session

          • The use of biofeedback technology for students who struggle with anxiety and stress establishes baselines and verifies progress for pupils and parents to see. This documentation encourages students to take on new challenges with power and positivity.

          • Availability

          • Mondays through Friday and Sundays 1:30 p.m - 9:00 p.m.

          • School holidays are observed.

          • Location

          • Schools, homes and libraries in the Piedmont, Orinda, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro, and Hayward areas.

My Philosophy and Approach

  • I believe the historically recent state of affairs with too many young people in the U.S and abroad with respect to schooling, in particular, and their relationship to literacy, in general, has a solution. As Selva Sugunendren, author of Stratospheric Success: Master the 7 Steps to Stratospheric Success states: "Nothing succeeds better than success. When you taste success it helps you build self-confidence and self-awareness. The more confident you become, the easier you will be able to find new opportunities, and the better you will interact with those around you, both socially and professionally."

  • A great way for a student to have their first tastes of such success is to be empowered by someone who has "been in their shoes," and who, themselves, has become a successful professional by living the pivotal experience of this positive relational shift and subsequent, exciting path of a reduction in anxiety, lifelong literacy, math learning and improved organization, timeliness, and planning. I am such an educator.

  • I believe in treating students with compassion and respect while maintaining the expectation that each of them has unimaginable potential to become fulfilled, fun-loving, agents of community change, who can choose to become strengthened, smarter, more empathetic, and kinder by looking within themselves, with the support of others, to face and be transformed by life's challenges.

  • Students who don't speak academic classroom english need to be given access to it for life-long success.

  • I know that stress-free brains learn at optimal levels.

  • Also, each session begins with me checking in with students, as human beings, and coaching them to use the same in-the-moment, anxiety-management tools that are taught to Olympians, Stanford and Kaiser patients and personnel, NASA astronauts, and members of the US Defense Department.

  • The latest neuroscience demonstrates that intelligence is not fixed. The brain is plastic and genes can be switched on, through effort, strategies, supportive professionals and healthy environmental factors.

  • Apart from learning differences and external forces, there are still many limitations that are set by the beliefs that we hold about ourselves. Success, encouragement, dialogue, and the letting go of these self-image constraints, sets the stages for realizing unimaginable potential.

  • I believe deeply in all of my students and the families who guide them.

About Jabari Anderson 

Twenty-one years ago, while an undergraduate at Stanford University, I gave a speech to a community gathering declaring that I would dedicate my life to the education of children.  I have been a caring, supportive, fun, expert mentor and educator for many children—and now teens and adults— since that presentation.

During my twenty-year classroom career, I empathized and intervened for those children who were often misunderstood and underserved in the school because they struggled with regard to the skills that are at the very foundation of all other learning: literacy and math. I have also found that children who live with these learning disabilities and/or gifts often suffer from low self-esteem, frustration, anger, anxiety, and/or depression. Their families often live with the extra stress of the raising of and advocating for a child/youth who is bravely battling life within and without the system.  


For the last 10 years, I have utilized the following training in my intervention/educational therapy: Stanford B.A. in linguistics; Lindamood-Bell; Orton-Gillingham; GATE Certification; International Dyslexia Accredited and International Multisensory, Structured Language Education Council Accredited coursework; California, Bilingual, Multiple Subject Credential and Columbia Teachers College Critical Reading and Writing; SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum; Harvard-trained Pediatric Psychologist Dr. Lynne Kenney’s Cognitive-Motor, Executive Function Method for Children; U.K. SENCO Ronit Bird’s Numeracy Program; EFT Tapping for ADHD; Step Up to Writing; internationally, peer-reviewed strategies for algebra and higher-order math such as: Enhanced Anchored Instruction (EAI), Schema-Based Instruction (SBI), and Concrete-Representational-Abstract Instruction(CRA); also, sensorimotor treatment through the Learning Success System (a home educational therapy system).

My anxiety-relief coaching has transformed whole classes, individual clients and their families.  This unique support is key for clients during test taking (classroom and high-stakes) or dealing with the frustrations of not functioning in school like their siblings, peers, or even their parents.  Guardians and parents use the stress-relief strategies while navigating meetings to seek accommodation and manage a hectic work and home life. 



“The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.”

-Chinese Proverb

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."





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